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Manual Import

You can also manually import the demo without any plugins. To do that, first you need to download the demo data xml file. You can download it from here. Once you have downloaded the file, login to your dashboard and then goto Tools-> Import and there click on WordPress import. There upload the file and import.

Once you have imported the file, you need to set it for homepage. To do that, Goto Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings. There click on ‘a static page’ and there set the page as your front page.

Automatic Import

To import the demo contents goto Appearance -> About Apex Business there click on Get started with Apex Business ( This will install and activate Crafthemes Demo Import plugin. ) After that you will be redirect to the demo import page. There you can import the demo by one click.

To install Apex Business on your site kindly follow the steps-

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  3. Search for – Apex Business
  4. Install Apex Business
  5. Activate it

Note: If you need the zip file of Apex Business theme, you can download it from the WordPress Repository here.

To import Apex Business prebuild Demos-

  1. Click On “Get Started With Apex Business”.

2. Then Click on Import

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